Monday, March 10, 2008

Dupree, intelligent, picture perfect, a world apart

Rene badgered ....?

Fan feeback from

Main event of the first half was Dupree Vs Eric Schwartz. This was a lesson in wrestling. Schwartz is a really solid, excellent worker, and an excellent heel. Duprée is really over, (playing face) winning the fans to his side. The match is short but it's solid, clean, good wrestling. One sees the world that separates WWE guys from the rest....physique for sure, but also on the level of attitude. A PERFECT crossbody by Dupree!! Holy Cow! 'Picture Perfect' as they say. No need to do the 450 when one can do this so well! Dupree is cool with just a small amount of high flying when it's necessary. Intelligent is the word which comes me to mind. Intermission time, followeed by a rather cool Battle Royale that is won by Bellooooomoooooooo who is eliminated last: Duprée, saved by Lanny Poffo. End of the show. A very pleasant time, delirious, songs and encouragement, ridiculously impressive...

Main event de la première partie avec Dupree Vs Eric Schwartz. Ca devrait être une leçon de catch. Schwartz est vraiment solide, un excellent worker, un excellent heel. Duprée est over, bien adulé par un public acquis à sa cause. Le match est court mais solide, propre, du bon catch. On voit le monde qui sépare les mecs WWE du reste. Physiquement biensur, mais aussi au niveau de l’attitude. A noter un crossbody PARFAIT de Dupree !! Holy Cow ! Picture Perfect comme on dit. Pas besoin de faire des 450 quand on sait bien faire ça! Dupree en face est cool avec juste une petite dose de high fly quand il faut. Intelligent est le mot qui me vient à l’esprit.

Intermission time puis Bataille Royale assez cool remportée par Bellooooomoooooooo. Dernier éliminé : Duprée, sauvé par Lanny Poffo. Fin du show. Un très agréable moment, beaucoup de délires, des chants et des encouragement ridiculement grandioses à profusion tout le long du show, des commentaires de Brassard sortis tout droit de l’époque Canal +, c’était vraiment sympa !


I don't really want to say it, but Lanny Poffo was a large jobber (worse than Virgil)... But, to see Dupree in real life, that was cool!!


....A very nice ovation for the match between Eric Schwartz and Rene Dupree.....


Konnan and Neidhart consolidated their not very flattering reputations ... but many thanks to the organizers who filled us with enthusiasm, and provided a very interesting conference and excellent show. As for the guests, I'd like to pay respect to their professionalism. The guys gave the fans a lot of their time for photo sessions and autograph signings. I'm looking forward to next year!!

The guests gave a lot of their time to the fans, including Duprée, who appeared very nice ...

je trouve que les invités ont beaucoup donné de leur temps aux fans, y compris Duprée, qui s'est révélé finalement tres sympa.