Friday, October 10, 2008

HANNOVER DAY 1 - double victory for hardman Dupree

EWP Wrestling Festival 2008 - Day 1
No. hangar. 5, Hanover

Kenichiro Arai defeated Big Van Walter (12 minutes)

Ecki Eckstein vs. "Dirty" Dan Collins ends in Double Count-Out. Referee Jens Hellmann reverses the decision, however, Collins continues to battle Eckstein leaving Eckstein winner by disqualification.

Tag Team Match:
Thunder & "Wildcat" Robby Brookside defeated Leon Van Guest and Metal Master. After the match Brookside attacked the President of EWP.

Kip James defeated Michael Kovac (14 minutes)

Rene Dupree defeated Cannonball Grizzly in a very tough match by disqualification

Cannonball Grizzly (forerly PNNeus)

Royal Rumble:
Rene Dupree won the Royal Rumble by eliminating last man Cannonball Grizzly eliminert (12 minutes).

Card for the 10.10.2008:

Michael Kovac Vs. Metal Master

"Dirty" Dan Collins vs. Rene Dupree

James vs. Kip. Thunder

Tag Team Match:
Cannonball Grizzly & Leon Van Gastern. vs Big Van Walter and "Wildcat" Robby Brookside

Inter Continental Championship (12 x 3 minutes):
Ecki Eckstein vs. Kenichiro Arai