Friday, October 24, 2008


images by Noel Lackey (Bebo)

The main event of Dupree/Disorderly vs Joe/Eugene had multiple empty Coke bottles being thrown at Dupree at eventually the other lads in the ring
No chance to meet Dupree or Sabu?
Nope, Sabu and Dupree weren't at the table,you could use anything you wanted to take a picture,people had Iphones,camera phones,digital cameras,AWR were cool with it.
Still upset that Sabu and Duprèe aren't doing this kinda thing.
Sylvan isn't doing much I don't think, bring him over and have the classic La Resistance team
AWR may have booked too many comedy wrestlers as main attractions for this tour. The main event was the perfect example of this as it relied mainly on comedy, which isn't really what you want from a main event, is it? No, matter, at least it was good comedy and the kids lapped it up. U-Gene and Scotty 2 Hotty went over and everyone went home happy.
..... an enjoyable comedy match
The main event:
The team of Joe Legend and U-gene vs Rene Dupree and Duncan disorderly.

I wont say too much in case anyone is going to the other shows and they end up doing this match again. Good match though.
half the price of a wwe house show and the quality was 100 times better. Bring on the next AWR or NLW show

Dupree and Legend both seemed to be walking with a limp to me, but seemed fine during their match (altough they relied heavily on short-cuts). I would imagine they'll do more of the same tonight.
Beauty of having a show in a hotel is that after the show you can catch Dupree coming in with his food and ask him for a picture.
Was at the Letterkenny show last nite, Met Bret, Tatanka etc... really good setup everything seemed to run like clockwork. I was very surprised at the quality of the show too, it was top class, just a note on Renee Dupree, you can tell he is another class to the others, he seemed to shine above everyone else, top class performer!

P.s. Ya Gotta love Sabu for jumping thru a table also when he was very obviously injured! What A Legend!!
Just back. Had a great time. Got a picture with all the guys (Including Duprèe and Sabu)

Got back from the Dundalk show tonight, good show, marked hard for Sabu and of course, Bret. Met Bret before the show, got a pic and the DVD signed, he was awesome, very polite. Best match was the Joey/Dunkan match IMO but the fire spot was awesome in the Sabu match, never seen him do that in years. Tatanka got huge, Scotty had the crowd going crazy and Rene Dupree looked awesome with his blonde hair again.

image by KKV