Sunday, July 19, 2009

Bring back Rene... [what the fans say]

The fans say ......."Reports came in a few weeks back that Chris Masters had re-signed for WWE. He was remembered for his physique and his Masterlock, one of which he lost before being released in 2007. The understanding for his return is nothing new for WWE, they release a guy they don't need on the terms that if they prove their determination by continuing to wrestle they will likely wind up back.

So, with Masters being a guy who did stick with it and is said to have greatly improved, who else do you see making a return sooner or later?

Top of my list would be Rene Dupree. The guy had a lot of potential when he was around, in fact I would say he was a genuine all-round performer being pretty good in-ring, pretty good on the mic, and I'm guessing a pretty nice guy to work with. That said, he was never outstanding, but I attribute that to his youth. He is only 25 so I can definitely see him back in WWE eventually."


"I'd like to see Rene Dupree back at some point too.
Similar kind of thing to Masters, he was very young and green when he was called up - now, with his extensive tours of Europe and Japan under his belt he has evolved and matured as a worker and could be a worthwhile signing in my opinion."