Monday, August 31, 2009


Rene rolls to safety as Kash takes the ***** Splash

rossie1977 reports
American Wrestling Rampage - Portlaoise, good show, small enough crowd, no more than 200 in the function room of the Heritage Hotel; the venue was not conducive to high-flying pro-wrestling that's for sure. It was probably no more than 10 feet from the top of the turnbuckle to the roof, so big spots were kept to a minimum throughout.....

Main event pitted RVD and Sabu against Kid Kash and Rene Dupree, funny moment before the match even started (or maybe not). Sabu tried to throw a folding chair into the ring from the entrance but it didn't get that far and bounced off the top rope and hit a kid sitting front row Match dragged for me, too many chinlocks, RVD super over as you would expect, hits the five star for the win **1/2