Sunday, September 6, 2009

RVD reports on the Irish tour .....

RVD writes on his website - I just finished up a tour of American Wrestling Rampage in Ireland. 6 matches in 6 days and I came out of it a bit banged up. Not from my matches, but from the extreme bus competitions! Finding ways to kill time while touring on the bus, we came up with a great idea of timing ourselves Spidermaning it to the front if the bus and back walking only on the arm rests of the chairs. That led to sideways crab walk races on the arms, which led to jumps from seat back to seat back using only hands and not touching the floor, etc. Most of my punishment came from taking a Razor Scooter down a parking lot ramp at the arena.

Also playing was Sabu, Sean Maxer, SVD!, and X-Pac-hence the name X-Pac Games 2009! As you’ve already guessed by now, the RVD TV video camera was there, so watch for some awesome silliness soon. Also look for other guys to appear from the tour such as Renee Dupree, Scoty 2 Hotty, M Dog, Kid Kash, and some familiar Irish Wrestlers from previous RVD TV episodes. One highlite from the tour was when we hit McDonald’s late one night after a show. Only the drive-through was open and the bus was too big to fit through. I taked the manager into letting us walk through and it was quite a site. A lot of photographs were taken of the line of wrestlers, some of us still in our wrestling gear, walking through with drunk Irish fans trying to get in on the pictures! What? We eat McDonald’s...when we’re in other countries. The crowd’s in Ireland were great, bringing lots of energy to some really good shows. AWR is on the grow. I’ll be returning to tour in November.