Sunday, November 22, 2009

Revisiting "the hand of frog"

Flag match France vs Ireland for the AWR Heavyweight Championship: Rene Dupree vs Shawn Maxer

Following Thiery Henry's hand ball win over Ireland, in playoffs for the World Cup qualifier, will Dupree cheat to get the flag down. If so, will Maxer demand a replay! This was a match with all the potential to be electric given the incident in the playoffs this week.....

Opening Match: Tag Team Match
(No Limits Champion) "Delicious" Dunk D & "Lord of Manor" Paul Tracey vs Sabu & Pac

Before the match, Dunk D & Tracey attack Pac. Sabu comes to his aid. The match starts with Sabu vs Tracey. Sabu is pushed around much of the encounter and then manages to make the change with Pac.Pac makes his finisher for the victory.

Winner: Sabu & Pac.

2nd Match: Sid vs Suicide Machine

Match over in 30 seconds with Sid's powerbomb.After the match, Sid wants to do it again on Suicide Machine, but officials intervene to separate them.

Winner: Sid

3rd Match: Portia Perez w/Justin Shape vs April Hunter

Match begins with "muscles contest" between the two divas. Short match that ended with a victory for Portia Perez after Justin Shape has distracted the referee, while Shawn Maxer hit April Hunter with the Irish flag. After the match, Rene Dupree spoke.

Winner: Portia Perez

4th Match: Hardcore Match: X-Pacc vs Raven

The match was average, with a victory for X-Pacc with his X-Factor.

Winner: X-Pacc

Match 5: Flag match France vs Ireland for the AWR Heavyweight Championship: Rene Dupree w/April Hunter vs Shawn Maxer w/Justin Shape

Before the match, Shawn Maxer calls the French are cheaters and, understandably, the Irish anthem is booed. Short match between the two men, resulting in a victory for Rene Dupree after a Belly to Belly Suplex. After the match, Maxer attack Rene Dupree with a chair but he manages to fight him off with the help of April Hunter.

Winner and still champion: Rene Dupree

6th Match: Tag Team: Omen & "Mini" Omen vs Scotty too Hotty & Mascarita Sagrada.

Average match resulting in a victory for Scotty & Mascarita after 619 and "The Worm".

Winners: Scotty the Hotty & Mascarita Sagrada.

Main Event: Joe E. Legend vs Rob Van Dam
Good match between these two men, resulted in victory for RVD after the 5-star Frog Splash.

Winner: RVD

Good wrestlers with Shawn,Dunk, Maxer, also appreciated the good moves from RVD during his match.
The concept of flag match was original....


Sabu, who has appeared too old and tired, too bad.
The public! A dead atmosphere. The kids who amused themselves by throwing paper balls into the ring, and chanted "MVP" instead of "RVD": shame. <>

J'ai personnellement adoré cette soirée ! J'ai pu voir catcher en vrai RVD, Raven, X-PACC et bien d'autres ^^ Et après, les matchs, les catcheurs se sont livrés à une séance dédicace ! Je suis donc reparti de là-bas avec un autographe de Raven, de RVD, de René Duprée et de Sabu ^^ De plus, les matchs étaient vraiment de bonnes qualités et je peux l'avouer, lors du match de RVD, j'ai gueuler comme un fou ! C'est fun, c'est qu'au début, j'étais loin du ring et en hauteur, à la fin, j'étais au deuxième rang juste à coté du ring x) Merci à un pote qui m'a dit qu'il y avait une place de libre à coté de la sienne ^^