Tuesday, November 24, 2009


Zenith, Nantes
ca. 2000 CROWD

An injured Sid leaves the tour, and as the French Phenom prepares to depart La France for Germany, the title changes and RVD resumes his status as fan favourite.

Scotty the Hotty & X-Pacc DEF. Joe E. Legend & Raven

No Limits Title Match 4-Way Elimination Match:

Dunkie D(c) def. Suicide Machine, Omen, Shawn Maxer
Dunkie D eliminated Suicide Machine
Shawn Maxer eliminated Omen
Dunkie D eliminated Shawn Maxer

April Hunter def. Portia Perez w/Justin Shape

Extreme Rules Match:
Sabu def. Paul Tracey

Pac def. El Generico

Mini Omen def. Mascarita Sagrada

AWR World Heavyweight Title Match: 2 out of 3 Falls:
Rob Van Dam def. Rene Dupree(c) (2:1) -----> Titlechange