Thursday, December 3, 2009

AWR in Bulgaria

AWR is getting a lot of publicity in Bulgaria (reports By Phil Lions on 2009-12-03) Last night Rene & Portia were guests on the most popular Bulgarian late night talk show

then early this morning they made an appearance on another very popular talk show and also did multiple other interviews with the media in Bulgaria throughout the day.

Several hours ago there was an official press conference with Dupree and Perez that aired live on national TV (on a cable network that gets decent viewership) and was then replayed a couple of hours after that. There wasn't anything particularly newsworthy at the press conference, just regular questions about the wrestlers themselves, the show and wrestling as a whole.

I'd expect that there'd be even more media attention later tonight in various news broadcasts as well as tomorrow in the newspapers. This is the first professional wrestling show in Bulgaria since the days of catch-as-catch-can wrestling, although almost no one is actually aware of that fact and so the show is talked about as being the "first ever pro wrestling event in Bulgaria". WWE has been on Bulgarian TV since fall 2000 (with a pause from mid 2002 till fall 2005) and they get pretty good viewership but they've yet to tour the country. So, this being the first professional wrestling event in Bulgaria is kind of a big deal in the Bulgarian media.

The ticket prices are pretty high for the Bulgarian market, most of the wrestlers on the show are not that well known in the country and the local advertising campaign wasn't very strong but at least now AWR is getting a lot of publicity. It remains to be seen whether or not all that publicity would translate into ticket sales
though (AWR's running a 2000 seat building). Also, there was a second show scheduled for Bulgaria but it recently got cancelled due to various reasons so now all the people with tickets to that show can use their tickets for the other one that's taking place this Sunday.

With the France and Germany legs of the tour behind them, AWR is now heading for a show in Bucharest, Romania on December 4th, then Sofia, Bulgaria on December 6th and then back to France for a couple more shows there.