Sunday, July 19, 2009

Random Rampage Thoughts

with Jamie Coleman

August 26th, the Summer Bash tour will kick off in Dublin and finish on August 31st in Belfast. With that having been said.....

I'm really looking forward to seeing Rene Dupree, the current AWR Heavyweight Champion in action in August. Dupree has come a long, long way with regards to in-ring talent since his WWE days. He is so crisp and solid and is un-doubtedly going to be a huge star in AWR in the years to come. I highly doubt he will be a fan favourite this summer though. His popularity in France has risen to un-precidented heights, while fans in Ireland just can't seem to warm to him. Perhaps the fact that he be-littles the Irish fans at every opportunity has something to do with this :-)

Rene Dupree became AWR Heavyweight Champion after beating Rob Van Dam in a one on one match on Live TV (Channel W9, France) on March 24th 2009. Rene is a former WWE Tag Team Champion and is one of the best pound for pound wrestlers in the business.