First ever wrestling event in Sofia, the capital of Bulgaria.

The hall holds about 1800 people and there were around 700 fans.

1) Scotty 2 Hotty & Xpac vs. The Delicious Dudes
- Nice opener, Scotty and Xpac were very over with the crowd (playing the faces) and the Dudes (playing gays) quickly accumulated HUGE heat. Scotty played the "face in peril" role for most of the match until Xpac came in and cleaned house. We got to see the X-factor and The Worm! In the end, Scotty & Xpac won to the delight of the crowd.

2) Potia Perez vs. April Hunter
- Not much wrestling here, but a lot of fun. April was almost 1 foot higher that Portia and handled her with ease. The crowd was very hot for this match, which appealed to the divas and they played to it (well, at least April, who was the face). In the end, while April was kicking the ass of Portia's trainer, Portia rolled her with a schoolgirl for the surprise heel win.

3) Joe Legend vs. Paul Tracey
- Tracey portrayed an aristocrat who was heel and received much, much heat. He even threatened one of my friends to hit him with his cane! Joe Legend received a big pop and even thanked me and several of my friend for chanting "YOU ARE LEGEND" towards him! The match itself was VERY good and the longest of the evening. It had many twists and near falls. At one point, Joe went outside the ring, and while holding Paul, let several kids in the front rows hit him in the head!!! In the end, Joe won after a dramatic succesion of finishers from both wrestlers.

4) No limits Championship - Pac (c) vs. El Generico
- El Generico played the heel and showed middle fingers to the audience, and even kicked the hand of one kid that was trying to high-five him on his entrance! Pac was the mega-face here. After all, the match was long and dramatic. Pac retained the title and played to the crowd.

--- 15 minute intermission ---

5) Omen vs. Suicide Machine
- Pretty weird stuff here - Suicide was about 120 pounds, seriously! On the other hand, Omen was at least a 280-pound masked monster! Omen dominated most of the match and near the end, Suicide leapt off the third rope and TWISTED his ankle in half (much like Sid in WCW). The ref made the X-sign to stop the match, officials rushed the ring and Omen looked in shock. All of us thought that Suicide really broke his leg! In the end, however, Omen attacked him on the ramp (while medics were escorting him), brought him to the ring and delivered a Codebreaker and a Backstabber to him! After that - 1,2,3 and the monster heel won.

6) Mexican minis match - Mascarita Sagrada vs. Bracito De Plata
- Unfortunately, this match was not sufficiently appreciated by the audience, because most of it had never seen a Mexican minis match. The match itself was nice, with some good aerial action. In the end, Sagrada performed the 6-1-9 and won.

7) AWR heavyweight title - RVD (c) vs. Rene Dupree
Not surprisingly, RVD was the MEGA-star of the evening and received a deafening pop. However, Rene was surprised by some of us chanting "French Phenom! French Phenom!" at him and waving the French flag. That I think changed the course of the match and he, seeing that he had fan support, switched from heel to tweener. The atmosphere of the main-event was incredible - half of the crowd chanted RVD, and the other - Dupree. In the end, RVD won with the Rolling thunder and Five star frog splash.

8) Autograph session - a nicely put-up session after the show, with all of the fans receiving photos and autographs from all wrestlers. Only Rene Dupree and Sucidide machine were not at the session.